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NBC: Obama, finding speech 'dispiriting,' to make written statement

Update 6:48 p.m. ET: NBC News' Chuck Todd reports that White House officials say President Barack Obama found Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's speech "extremely dispiriting."

After making upbeat remarks earlier in the day at a speech in Michigan, in which he said the world was watching "history unfold," Obama is now expected only to issue a written statement this evening.

"We've got to work this carefully," a U.S. official told Todd. "We've got to get this just right."

Noting ambiguity arising from differing translations of Mubarak's remarks — which left it unclear just how much power Mubarak had turned over to Vice President Omar Suleiman — Todd said officials at the White House "want to believe that Suleiman is in charge" but can't be 100 percent of that.


The White House indicates that President Barack Obama will issue a written statement on Egypt "shortly," NBC News' Chuck Todd reports.