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American University to reopen next week

Another sign that things may be settling down in Cairo. The American University says it hopes to reopen its New Cairo campus Feb. 13 for undergraduate classes and Feb. 20 for graduate classes. The campus at Tahrir Square — scene of most of the big demonstrations the past two weeks — will remain closed "until further notice," it said in an e-mail message to faculty, staff and students. 

"Let me say in closing that we are all extremely proud of the AUC community, both those who have participated actively in the public life of Egypt over the last few weeks and those who worked beyond the call of duty to ensure the safety, security and well-being of our students, staff and faculty," said Lisa Anderson, the university's new president, whose own inauguration has been indefinitely postponed.

"Difficult as these days have been — and there may be more trials to come — all of us should be proud," she said in the message. "It is an honor and privilege to be witness to fruits of a generation's investment in their children, at AUC and elsewhere. We are already planning a variety of activities to acknowledge the extraordinary efforts of our community and the opportunities represented by our 'front seat to history.'"