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Prominent Internet activist reported arrested

Wired reports that unconfirmed reports say Ahmed Maher, a co-founder of the April 6 Youth political group known for opposing the Egyptian government on Facebook and other social media tools, has been arrested.

Wired writes:

Maher and a friend launched a Facebook group to promote a protest planned for April 6, 2008. It became an Internet phenomenon, quickly attracting more than 70,000 members. That protest died still born, but Maher has continued to organize and has played a prominent role in the peaceful uprising of the past week aimed at toppling the 30-year rule of Hosni Mubarak.

Word of Maher’s arrest came from two separate sources shortly after protesters began to clash with pro-government groups after Mubarak pledged step down in September, signalling a major escalation of violence after days of largely peaceful protests. The arrest could not immediately be confirmed.