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Sanitary pad company: Wiki 'leaks,' but you won't

By Elizabeth Chuck, msnbc.com

They’ve infuriated government officials, provoked Internet hackers, and now, the secret cables exposed by WikiLeaks have inspired an ad for feminine products in Pakistan.

“WikiLeaks… Butterfly doesn’t,” boasts Butterfly brand sanitary pad company in their new campaign, which is gracing two billboards in Karachi, Pakistan’s capital. A print campaign and a third billboard are on the way, RG Blue Communications, the ad agency behind the campaign, said, according to UPI.

“Nobody has said it’s in bad taste yet,” RG Blue’s head of business development, Amjad Hussain, told Pakistan’s Express Tribune.

Butterfly loved the campaign idea when it was pitched, Hussain told The Express Tribune, and wanted the ads rolled out as soon as possible. The billboards went up earlier this week.

Most ads in Karachi steer clear of political slants and current events, but Nando, a restaurant chain, has attracted attention for its billboards making fun of Sarah Palin and famous Pakistani cricket players, among other figures in the news, the Pakistan newspaper reported.

Perhaps Julian Assange should consider a future in advertising.