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British tabloid news makes Gaza look good

When I got the assignment to come to work out of the NBC London bureau I was delighted. That should make a nice change from war and mayhem in the Holy Land, I thought.

After ten days, I can't wait to get back to Gaza.

First 'Posh and Becks'
First, David Beckham announced he was going to earn $128,000 a day by leaving Real Madrid and going to play for the Los Angeles Galaxy in the American soccer league.

That kept us busy recycling every poor pun from the soccer and financial worlds. "From Becks to Bucks" won my lottery for best headline.

"Would Posh buy Michael Jackson's dilapidated Neverland ranch?" That fed a busy news cycle that ended with the word, No.

'The next queen?'
After two days of Posh and Becks, Kate Middleton took over. Anxious questions like, "Would Prince William propose?" And "Is she the future Queen of England?" left Fletcher floundering.

The airwaves were inundated with the same barely watchable loop of the 25-year-old being hounded by paparazzi as she left her home to get into her car. Speculation mounted feverishly over the haute couture provenance of her snazzy dress, which turned out to have been bought for $65 in a high-street sale.

I found myself answering the question, "What will Kate and William do tonight as it's her 25th birthday?" Well, maybe dinner and a movie? They didn't inform me. Floundering again.

Now Celebrity Big Brother
Then, another tabloid drama -- Celebrity Big Brother.

Racism had reared its ugly head in a country with a large Asian population. White contestants on the reality TV show ganged up on the only Asian in the house, a beautiful actress from India.

They swore at her using four letter words, made fun of her accent, her hygiene and her cooking. They asked her whether she lived in a house or a shack. As it turned out, she lived on the entire floor of an upscale apartment building, no doubt putting her taunters to shame.

Still, the TV show has received at least 21,000 complaints, more than any other British TV show in history.

Anyway, Gaza here I come. Although what with the state of global communications, no doubt the first question my Gaza friends will ask is, "So, did Posh buy a house yet in Hollywood?"